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Fennel Essential Oil Functions


Reduces and Prevents Spasms in the Gut 
They can be extremely painful, causing coughing, hiccups, cramps in the intestinal area and convulsions. Fennel essential oil may have a relaxing effect on your body, including the muscles in the intestinal region. This relaxation of the gut can really make a difference if enduring a spasmodic attack, giving you quick relief from muscle spasms in the gut.
Stimulates the secretion of milk hormones from the breast
which contributes to the development of the breast. It is an important breast enhancement oil. Postpartum women help breast-feeding through milk.
Heals Wounds 
Studies were conducted in Italy of various essential oils and their effects on bacterial infections, specifically of the breasts in animals. The findings indicated that fennel essential oil and cinnamon oil, for example, produced antibacterial activity, and as such, they’re representational of possible ways to address some bacteria strains. Furthermore, fennel essential oil has certain compounds that help protect wounds from becoming infected.
Contains Antioxidants and Antimicrobial Characteristics
is a high-antioxidant compound that holds antimicrobial characteristics. The analysis of the fennel essential oil showed that there are about 23 compounds with impressive amounts of total phenolic and bioflavonoid contents. This means fennel oil fights free radical damage and provides antimicrobial activity against some strains of bacteria and pathogenic fungi.
Relieves Gas and Constipation
While lots of vegetables can cause abdominal cramping, gas and bloated stomach, especially when eaten raw, fennel and fennel essential oil may do the opposite. Fennel essential oil can help to clear the bowels, relieve constipation, and get rid of gas and bloating, providing much-needed relief. Amazingly, it can even help eliminate the formation of additional gases. If you have chronic gas issues, fennel essential may do the trick. You can add one or two drops of fennel essential oil to your favorite tea to see if it helps.
Help with digestion and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) 
with common characteristics, such as being bitter, very aromatic and rather pungent. Ginger, peppermint, anise and chamomile are a few examples, in addition to fennel. Fennel goes a bit deeper in this category because it’s a volatile oil, which means it evaporates rapidly, passing off readily in the form of vapor and, therefore, possibly providing relief sooner than later. This process is part of what helps with digestion and IBS symptoms. As noted above, fennel essential oil helps relieve gas, bloating and constipation, but it can also help eliminate diarrheic. Specifically, fennel’s main volatile oil is known as anethole. Anethole is pretty amazing, even serving as a possible cancer fighter. It does this by preventing the activation of a “gene-altering inflammation-triggering molecule associated with cancer known as NF-kappaB. You can simply rub two drops of fennel oil combined with a carrier oil onto your tummy for quick relief.
Can regulate the secretion of gonad hormones, improve genital function.
Improve loose skin and enlarged pores. 
Firmly remove fine lines, moisturize well and prevent wrinkles and cellulite.
Help appetizers, stomach, promote bowel movements.
Fennel Essential Oil Uses
Now that you know some of the biggest benefits of fennel oil, here are some ways you can utilize it:
1. Rub fennel essential oil on your stomach or the bottom of your feet to for digestive relief. Using a carrier oil helps prevent it from evaporating too quickly. 
2. Place one drop of fennel essential oil on your toothbrush when brushing to help fight sweet tooth cravings and provide antimicrobial benefits for the gums.
3. Add one to two drops in a glass of warm water or chamomile tea for an upset stomach please consult doctor or professional aromatherapist before use.
4. For relaxation, combine one drop of fennel essential oil with one to two drops of lavender oil and a carrier oil, and rub on your neck, chest and cup your hands over your mouth while taking slow, deep breaths.  

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