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Aleowood Essential Oil Functions

Functions :
- Attain Inner Peace With Agarwood Essential Oil
Agarwood oil is considered to be a unique oil of rescue, able to offer healing from emotional trauma. It is also claimed that this oil has a highly powerful harmonizing effect on the electrical frequencies of the brain. Tibetan monks use Agarwood essential oil has to increase their inner energy and induce absolute tranquility to the mind and the soul. It is for this reason that Agarwood is such a revered and favored oil for use in the ceremonies of numerous spiritual traditions and esoteric gatherings.
- Agarwood Essential Oil Alleviates Pain Including Rheumatic and Arthritic Conditions
With its analgesic, antiarthritic and anti-inflammatory properties, this essential oil helps to relieve pain and reduce the inflammation associated with rheumatism and arthritis. Massage the painful areas with 2 drops of Agarwood oil mixed with a little coconut oil to ease symptoms. The oil’s diuretic qualities will also promote more frequent urination to flush out toxins, and uric acid from the system, which reduces pain, swelling and stiffness. You can also use 2 drops of the essential oil in hot or cold compress for soothing muscular pain.
- Agarwood Essential Oil for Breast Cancer
Agarwood essential oil has been investigated for its anticancer properties. In cell cultures it was found to inhibit the growth of MCF-7 breast cancer cells. The researchers determined that their results warranted further investigation into the viability of Agarwood essential oil as a possible anti-cancer therapy.
- Support The Digestive System With Agarwood Essential Oil
The digestive, carminative, and stomachic properties of Agarwood essential oil support smooth digestion and prevent the buildup of gas when taken used a digestive. If painful gas is already present the oil can aid in expelling the gas and reduce discomfort. Use 2 drops of Agarwood essential oil mixed with a carrier oil and massage into the upper or lower abdomen depending on where pain is felt. The oil will stimulate the production of the digestive juices necessary to treat indigestion and bloating and work gas through the system.
- Banish Bad Breath With Agarwood Essential Oil
Researchers have noted that Agarwood essential oil is effective against a number of bacteria. Bacteria are the cause of bad breath, and the oil has been used traditionally to freshen the breath. Add 1 drop of Agarwood oil and 1 drop of Peppermint oil to a 4oz glass of water and use to swish around the mouth and to gargle with.
- Regulate Menstruation And Ease PMS With Agarwood Essential Oil
Agarwood oil can influence the hormones that stimulate menstruation and regulate irregular periods. It can also create balance for women approaching the menopause to alleviate many of the problems that arise at that time of life. Balancing hormones also allows the oil to reduce breast tenderness, cramps, back pain, irritability and the low moods that can mar quality of life for a few days each month. Use a drop of oil in a blend in an aromatherapy diffuser or mix a drop or two of the oil with a carrier oil and massage into your lower abdomen and lower back.
- Relieve itching With Agarwood Essential Oil
Many conditions like nerve disorders, allergies, dermatitis, poison oak, etc, result in high levels of skin irritation and itching. Scratching away at itchy skin usually makes the irritation and itching much worse and if the skin is broken by excessive scratching, infection can set in. Agarwood oil is an antipruritic which means that it can stop the itching from driving you mad. Dilute a couple of drops of the essential oil in water or a carrier oil and apply to the affected skin to find relief. The analgesic pain relieving properties of the oil will also ease discomfort
- Use Agarwood Essential Oil To Ease The Pain of Gout 
Gout is known to be one of the worst pains a person can endure. Gout is a long term affliction that causes enduring misery and destroys quality of life. Gout medications often cause side effects and they often don’t work. Agarwood oil has been used to treat gout in traditional healing systems. It is said to be able to break down the uric acid crystals that accumulate in the joints of people afflicted with gout. Use a drop of the essential oil and massage it into the joint that is causing the pain. In addition to working on the uric acid, the analgesic properties of the oil will bring some welcome relief from pain, and inhaling the aroma will take your mind away from the discomfort.  
- Calm Restless Leg Syndrome Using Agarwood Essential Oil
Muscle twitches and spasms can be eased with Agarwood oil. The oil calms the nerves that send the out of control signals to the muscles. Restless leg syndrome is particularly troublesome at night and often disturbs sleep. Rub a drop or two of the oil into your legs at bedtime to help alleviate the problem.
- Stop nausea And Vomiting with Agarwood Essential Oil
Agarwood oil is used to relieve nausea and vomiting. Inhale the aroma to calm a queasy stomach or use a couple of drops of the oil in a carrier oil to massage into your stomach and abdomen. If your vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea, this oil will help to resolve that problem too.

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